About Me

I’m currently attending Central Michigan University pursuing my Master of Arts in Electronic Media Studies. I’m a graduate assistant so my duties include teaching an introduction to video production lab and working in the equipment check out area where I maintain and schedule appointments for the use of the video equipment BCA has to offer to its students.

In the past I’ve interned at M-1 studios and CBS62/CW50 Detroit. While at M-1 Studios I mostly edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6/CC working on projects like the Ford Arts, Beats and Eats festival promotional videos, Heritage Works grant videos, P.A.V.E videos, and Gilda’s Club videos just to name a few. When I was with CBS62/CW50 Detroit I wrote community calendars, the ‘Street Beat’ community affairs show script and I participate in the production of the show by running teleprompter and taking notes for social media. At both internships I went on production shoots whenever possible. I did a variety of tasks such as setting up lights, sound equipment, cameras and keeping track of timing among other duties.

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